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  • Security for Your Business

    Computer criminals are developing new ways to steal money each and every day. However, you can rest assured we take every measure to keep your accounts safe and secure from even the most sophisticated computer attacks.

    How we keep you secure

    Keeping your accounts secure is our top priority, here’s how:

    • BusinessLink and Business Mobile Banking use HTTPS, 128-bit SSL encryption
    • PhoneFactor for all ACH and Wire transfers to verify higher-risk transactions
    • Frequently test our system by independent, external auditors
    • Require multi-factor authentication for online services
    • Have the most advanced system to monitor and prevent check fraud with Positive Pay and Payee Positive Pay

    Even more, we frequently enhance our security systems to keep those computer attackers away from your money. If you feel as though somebody is trying to get in to your account, please contact us immediately via phone at 866.777.7912 or Report_Phishing@centralbancompany.com.

    What you can do

    To ensure total security, you must take a few simple steps and keep some of these tips in consideration:

    • Implement dual control if you use our Wire and ACH functionalities, ask us how to set you up!
    • Monitor and reconcile your accounts daily
    • Dedicate one computer to financial transactions ONLY (no web-surfing, email, etc.)
    • Ensure network security with regularly-updated anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware software on every computer on the network
    • Install and activate software firewalls
    • If you choose to use a wireless network, make sure it is password-protected and not openly broadcasted
    • Teach your employees about internet security and email precautions
    • Limit access to certain sites for your employees
    • Never access your financial records from a public computer or public WI-FI (i.e. coffee shop, airport, etc.)
    • Use our account alerts to help you stay protected